M3 déli szakasz: Határ út

    Location: 1091 Budapest Határ útCompletion: 2020
    Used materials: EQUITONE fiber cement claddingGeneral constructor: Strabag Zrt.
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út

    To complete the infrastructure of the southern section of the M3 metro line, our team contributed by CNC machining the unique fiber cement cladding of the platform.

    More than 2,500 cladding elements of different sizes, shapes and types were completed, the most challenging of which was the production and construction of the Határ road stop. The customised pattern, based on a unique graphic design, was applied to the EQUITONE cladding elements using a special printing technique. In addition to the production tasks, particular attention was paid to the proper packaging of the different types of cladding and their punctual delivery, so that they could be installed within a short timeframe and in order to ensure the steady progress of the construction. In addition to careful preparation and planning, the efforts of our colleagues played a key role in the successful handover. The renewed stations of the southern section provide a fresh architectural experience, while at the same time reflecting the past. In addition to a clean and modern visual experience, the new section will welcome its returning passengers not only in a more comfortable but also in a safer and more energy-efficient way, while maintaining a contemporary feel with clean and transparent spaces.

    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 1
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 2
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 3
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 4
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 5
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 6
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 7
    M3 déli szakasz: Határ út - 8

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