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    At FDB Facade Design & Build we design exceptional facade claddings and implement them. With a unique wealth of experience in the market, our team is at your disposal for a full range of facade services. We can accompany your project from the first steps of the design phase, and we are also highly experienced in manufacturing and construction, which will save you time and money later on. Choose the best combination of visual appeal and sustainability!

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    As the facade cladding material industry is advancing we can provide more modern, compact and eye-catching facade solutions. Sophisticated yet practical elments, natural and industrial materials are avaiable in a great variety of finishes, textures, shapes, thicknesses. Our service is extended with personalized design process, which gives us the opportunity to participate in major projects.

    We design, manufacture and build facades

    Starting at the design phase, through the manufacturing of the materials, we accompany the project up to the completion of the project. As an independent facade design office, our goal is to deliver a sustainable, cost- and energy-efficient facade that is well maintained in the long term, tailored to the needs of the market, preferably from the very beginning of the building design process, in cooperation with the various disciplines and by carefully elaborating the sub-processes.
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    Our values
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    complex point of view

    With hundreds of successful projects behind us, the key to success lies not only in developing efficient working methods, but also in applying a modern approach. Interdisciplinary cooperation, forward planning and quality work are not for an 'extra' fare.

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    Unique schemes

    Our goal is to execute such a unique and quality facade that we dreamed together. From the design phase - through manufacturing - up until the execution, or even just at one single phase, you can count on us. Our expert team is precise and creative in each phase.

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    Modern solutions

    The facade cladding must be aesthetic, sustainable and functional at the same time. To meet all these requirements, we keep pace with the evolution of construction technologies. We support our work processes with up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art tools.

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    Premium materials

    The common features of our projects are precise and spectacular workmanship and long-term maintainability. But these can only be achieved if we design accordingly and stick to high-quality materials.

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    Sustainable solutions

    We design foreseeably, as we consider a long term cost efficiency. We protect our environment as we build. We consciously shape the face of buildings, while preserving traditional values in a modern form.

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    Our mission:
    and a long lasting
    maintainable facades
    design, manufacturing
    and execution

    Build with us!
    Facade cladding from A to Z: Facade design thought further!

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