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    From the design phase,

    through manufacturing

    until the whole process is done

    The design of a building and the style of its facade go hand in hand. We are proud to say that we are perhaps the only company in the market that is able to offer professional solutions to the specific needs of our customers, focusing exclusively on facade cladding, with a thorough knowledge of the segment.

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    We optimise the layout of the facade cladding and supporting structure, fine-tune the details and help you choose the ideal cladding and supporting structure system based on your needs and considerations. As part of our specialist design services, we also undertake structural design of individual support structures and 3D laser scanning drone surveys of buildings.

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    Project management

    We coordinate our projects from the preparation phase through to handover with on-site construction and project management, and keep our clients informed of progress. Efficient use of time and money is monitored throughout.

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    The facade cladding materials to be installed are prepared on our own premises under factory conditions, and the holes for installation are formed using state-of-the-art technologies. Our permanent team of professionals produces customised cladding elements by hand or using the latest precision CNC machines.

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    Our company specialises in the construction of fitted facade cladding and the installation of aluminium windows and doors. One of the main keys to our versatility, tailored to individual requirements, is the use of state-of-the-art technologies to support our work. These help us to provide our clients with a complete range of specialist facade services for public buildings, residential buildings and individual family houses.

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    As we not only design facades, but also manufacture and construct them, you can entrust us with each of the individual sub-processes, or even the entire process.
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    A complex approach to meeting individual needs

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    Materials we work with

    Fiber cement




    Metal sheet


    If you would like to use other than materials included in our palette, please contact us!