Ráday Református Kollégium

    Location: Budapest, Ráday utcaCompletion: 2022
    Used materials: Composite panelGeneral constructor: Laterex

    The renovation of the dormitory, which unfortunately burned down in 2019 and was later demolished, was a complex task for the contractors, as they had to rebuild a building that meets modern needs while preserving the original building's patina. The facade on Ráday Street has been restored to its 1911 appearance, creating a pleasant blend with the contemporary design of the rest of the building. In the light of this history, particular attention was paid to the design of the fire compartment boundaries and the installation of an automatic fire alarm and water extinguishing system. Following the facade of the old building, the street and courtyard facades of the building are clad in white panels, interrupted by openings in a variable rhythm. The modern character of the building is given by the perforation of the elements and the glass surfaces behind them.

    Ráday Református Kollégium - 1
    Ráday Református Kollégium - 2
    Ráday Református Kollégium - 3
    Ráday Református Kollégium - 4
    Ráday Református Kollégium - 5
    Ráday Református Kollégium - 6
    Ráday Református Kollégium - 7

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