GoBuda Mall

    Location: 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 154.Completion: 2022
    Used materials: Cedral, expanded metal sheetBuilt surface area: 21000m2General constructor: WING Zrt.
    GoBuda Mall

    In 2022, the former Észak-Budai Eurocenter retained the silhouette of the building and was renamed GoBuda, in a renewed, energy-efficient form. During the complete renovation, great emphasis was placed on meeting the needs of environmental awareness and sustainability, within the framework of which our company designed and implemented Cedral cladding for the interior and exterior flat and curved surfaces, as well as expanded sheeting for shading the entrances.

    GoBuda Mall - 1
    GoBuda Mall - 2
    GoBuda Mall - 3
    GoBuda Mall - 4
    GoBuda Mall - 5
    GoBuda Mall - 6

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